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Towards administrative simplification

Our main competences are to understand operational realities comprehensively and to show you ways towards administrative simplification.
  • Our generalized view from the outside reflects a perception of your company that you may have already felt from an internal perspective
    • search for administrative problem areas that may cost you time and money
    • assess your traditional function structures
    • question your administrative working methods
  • we evaluate programs and devices in the current context
  • we try to recognize your communication patterns
  • Sensitization for effective administration
  • Showing ways for change
    • Paper-poor future
  • Individual entrepreneurs in particular often operate in very diversified business fields. Organisatrice' keeps the operative business administration together in the background. The entrepreneur can thus concentrate on the technical execution again.

Develop administrative concepts

The goal of analytical work is to unspectacularly realize those optimizations that should ultimately have a significant impact on the balance sheet. Most small problems solve themselves as soon as they are restructured prudently and comprehensively and administrative synergies are exploited.

'Organisatrice' is a generalized structuring tool. It allows, with relatively little effort, to steer even ancestral business processes quickly and continuously into an orderly path. Thus, restructuring processes can be initiated unspectacularly. These can also be approached sectorally in order to reduce the risk and to be able to evaluate the change prematurely.

Low risk implementation phase
  • if the changes are not convincing, the exercise can be stopped with little effort and the information platform can be maintained at a low cost level if required (for information consultation)
Stability and order
  • 'Organisatrice' always reflects the operational side in a structured form
  • the program remains stable and clear even when the human side acts imperfectly
  • the program forms a stable backbone in times of change
  • the transparent structuring of the program also serves as management assistance
Manageable costs

Changes require time resources and burden the wage budget. Organisatrice' tends to reduce time costs and thus helps to reduce restructuring costs.

Involving employees in the change process

The efficient integration of these modern information tools requires minimal structuring and coordination within the company. In order not to be surprised by the events of change, a certain amount of time should be invested in advance to anticipate essential changes.

These restructurings often provoke emotional reactions from employees, which need to be understood at an early stage. You may have the time and competence to accompany these processes yourself.

  • Constructively assist your employees in the change process
  • train your employees in key positions