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Software solutions

For digitization, small companies need much more compact software solutions than the market offers in the form of PLM, SLM, FM products, etc. For personnel-technical reasons alone, many of these industrial products do not fit into the small highly dynamic companies.With 'Organisatrice', however, you will find a compact software solution that cannot do the many things that the small company does not need - but provides you with all those things that massively simplify life in the small company.

In principle, all these lifecycle management solutions regulate the long-term information logistics that would quickly get out of hand even in small companies without technical assistance.

'Organisatrice' for dynamic companies

'Organisatrice' offers a compact solution for smaller companies and business branches. With it you get an administrative assistance that provides some functionalities of industrial software in a very simple and practical way.

In the small business, all too often the 'non-monetary' information is either kept 'only in the head' or integrated in the "classic office software" where it is no longer found.

'Organisatrice' has been designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses. This 'organization system' replaces in a way the whole bundle of 'Lifecycle Management' and 'FM' software.


An intelligent navigation guides the user reliably and goal-oriented through the information pool. The navigation should be structured in such a way that the user finds himself at the place of action within 2-3 clicks. The standard information should be found without having to search for it.


Navigation is probably the most decisive factor in terms of ease of use. Equally important is the presence of complementary perspectives, in which users clearly find themselves in their role and orientation. A short training period for the user confirms the global user-friendliness.

Manage information in the long term

All the 'lifecycle management' products take care of a long-term structured information logistics of products and services. The structured order of information brings a technical and economic constancy to the operation.

The 'Lifecycle Management' and 'Facility Management' products in particular focus on the long-term management of products, facilities and services.

Administrative charge

All these software solutions have been developed primarily for office-centered administration. The human resources required for this type of administration are correspondingly high and usually not suitable for small businesses and units.

  • PLM = 'Product Lifecycle Management'
    • langfristige Verwaltung von Produkten
      • Produktentwicklung, Vertrieb, Reparatur und Unterhalt
  • SLM = 'Service Lifecycle Management'
    • langfristige Verwaltung von Service-Dienstleistungen
      • Unterhalt, betriebliche Optimierung
  • FM = 'Facility Management'
    • Verwaltung von technischen Dienstleistungen in Immobilien beim Kunden

SME Software

The core of 'SME software' is the monetary focused software, which is mostly centralized from the administration. These are in the core order management, accounting, CRM functions, accounting, banking, human resources, warehouse management, etc.

A frequent cause of operational grievances is that operational realities are mapped in administrative programs that are not suitable for this purpose.

The classic ERP solutions have their competences in the administrative segment of 'performance remuneration'.

Not infrequently, these classic SME software solutions are therefore not made to efficiently absorb and map the high dynamics of operational execution.

CRM (= Client Relationsship Management)

Strukturierung von Kundenbeziehungen mit Schwerpunkt Kommunikation

  • eMail, Korrespondenz
ERP (= Enterprise Resource Planning)

Planung und Steuerung von Betriebsmitteln

  • Strukturierung und Vernetzung von monetär dominierten Betriebskomponenten
  • Auftragswesen, Fakturierung, Buchhaltung und Zahlungsverkehr
Die Realität

All diese digitalen Werkzeuge hätten die Aufgabe den Betriebsalltag sowohl menschlich wie informationstechnisch zu vereinfachen. Dies ist leider nicht immer der Fall. 

Software quality features

It requires a certain systematic approach to bring the daily flood of information of a company over time in a regulated manner.

Without the technical help of standardized organizational systems, people are quickly overwhelmed.

The essential characteristics of a robust organizational system are listed here.

Data security

Operational and structural data should be stored on server locations that have your long-term trust. If files are stored, they should be isolated (out of context) in private storage.

Operational safety

The software should be operated within standard applications. Browser-based solutions enjoy very high security standards in terms of networking with the Internet.

Operating mode

System relevant software should be professionally operated. PC-driven software in operation rarely enjoys reliable maintenance.

In contrast, server-driven software in professionally maintained environments.


SaaS = 'Software as a Service


A standard software is also configurable, but it runs in the same version at countless other customers. This guarantees the customer a certain security, maintenance and longevity of data and application.