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Cost factors

Understanding costs where they arise.

'Organisatrice' shows the operational resources that ultimately lead to undesirable cost items. These cost factors are always up to date. Thus, it can be influenced as long as there is operational flexibility.

'Organisatrice' - Understanding costs where they arise.

Administrative costs
  • The constructive administrative support of the operative business includes wage costs and costs for the administrative infrastructure and administrative operating costs
Leadership costs
  • wage costs
  • expenditure of time
Subsequent costs
  • as soon as an administration unnecessarily hampers execution, it generates costs that can have highly counter-productive effects.
  • administrative misconduct
  • management monopolies
    • selfish delegation
    • unattainability
  • leadership weaknesses
  • excessive demands
  • overload

Current cost framework

The cost framework of an administrative restructuring must be placed in a broad chronological context. It is necessary to estimate which hidden costs have to be financed monthly before a re-organization.

In this way, painful costs can be saved which one often does not actually want to admit.

Wage costs 
  • inefficient management
  • unproductive time costs due to lack of coordination
Cost of execution errors
  • reduced billing potential
  • uncovered time costs
    • execution
    • disposition

Potential cost savings

Through targeted restructuring, administrative efficiency can be brought to light that optimizes key operational factors.

An optimization only makes sense if it can also be economically calculated.

  • more reactivity in operational business
  • fewer disruptive factors
  • more consistent acquisitions
  • strategic coordination
  • more consistent invoicing
  • work resources and material consumption are logged more consistently

Profitability of software-technical services

The 'profitability' therefore lies mainly in the optimisation potential of personnel costs, but also in administrative optimisation potentials such as invoicing.

Administrative optimisation potentials can also be calculated, which increase the general efficiency of day-to-day business.

Human resources organization
  • Availability (coordination)
  • absences
  • personnel fluctuation
Order efficiency
  • Customer management (offer efficiency)
  • Execution efficiency (logistics, customer satisfaction)
  • accounting
  • internal communication