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Passive communication

Organisatrice' provides information in an understandable context. This saves a lot of time, as lengthy telephone calls are now superfluous.

As soon as you succeed to replace communication with structured information flows, a large time saving potential is realized. Are your information flows more structured or spontaneous?
How big is your potential to replace communication with information?

Internal communication

Communication within the company usually takes place verbally, which means that the time runs out with at least 2 employees at the same time.

Communication needs

  • Repetitive Communication
    • information-intensive business ?
    • repetitive known workflows ?
  • Information-intensive business cases
    • plannable (installation work)
    • spontaneous in nature (repair service)
  • Scheduler
    • a day-to-day business
    • subscriptions

Type of communication channels

  • Written communication tools
    • eMails
    • SMS
    • notes
  • Verbal communication channels
    • phone
    • conversation

Characteristics of communication

  • Structured communication
    • is your communication structure hierarchically shaped ?
    • plannable communication (meetings, personal reporting)
    • didactically motivated communication
  • Spontaneous communication
    • phone consultation
    • spontaneous audition
    • authoritarian communication
    • factual communication

External Communication

Everything that comes from outside is mostly spontaneous in nature.


  • appointments
  • coordination


  • commands
  • returns
  • mutations

The repeated spontaneous interruption of work processes often severely disrupts work performance and quality. In such conversations, information is usually obtained that could be avoided thanks to normalized information structures.