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Digital Ecosystem</span><span> 

Digital Ecosystem 

In most companies, a 'digital ecosystem' has settled in - smartphones and PCs full of programs and apps. Some installed software gets lost in the overview. These big and small helpers quickly devour a lot of time for maintenance and overlapping data maintenance.In this difficult environment, our product 'Organisatrice' impresses with its compact and discreet appearance. It is one of the few software solutions which itself requires hardly any maintenance and at the same time reduces the administrative effort on all operational levels massively and sustainably. 

A major problem in managing a business is often that software begins to dominate some operational processes unnecessarily and destructively. The actually healthy operational logic is thus disturbed by software processes. In reality, it is all too often the case that it is very inefficient for most companies to want to control the 'technical execution' from an ERP. 

Complementary branches of management

Actually, the management of a performing company can usually be disentangled into two areas. On the one hand, the administration of the execution-technical information logistics. On the other hand, the administration, which is mainly defined by monetary factors.
'Organisatrice' enables the administrative unbundling of 'service delivery' and 'service reimbursement'. This makes these two complementary administrative branches more robust and consistent in the long term.

Companies that perform their work decentralized at the customer's site (assembly, service, etc.) often fail in the attempt to map their complex execution reality simply and robustly in administrative terms. However, it is precisely these companies that are dependent on a long-term consistent information basis in the day-to-day practical performance of their services.


The two complementary administrative branches should be unbundled so that they no longer interfere with and unnecessarily block each other in everyday life.


'Organisatrice' comprehensively regulates the information logistics of 'technical execution' (= 'service provision') and offers a standardized solution here. The highly dynamic information flow of the 'technical execution' is absorbed and provides the company with its sustainable information framework. Here, all organizational aspects are decoupled from the 'office-centered' ERP.

'Service delivery'

Execution-technical information is mapped realistically by 'Organisatrice'.
  • contacts
  • history
  • orders, offers, subscriptions
Buildings, facilities
  • contacts
  • location
  • history
  • job execution
  • subscription planning
  • calendar, disposition
Order execution
  • order monitoring, subscription monitoring
  • order reports
Employee reports
  • hourly reports
  • expenses / receipts
Third-party companies
  • suppliers
  • subcontractors
  • delivery bills / reports

'Performance remuneration'

Monetary information continues to be reliably handled in the back office with proven ERP software.
Gestion des clients
  • business correspondence
  • CRM
Order management
  • orders
  • quotes
  • controlling
  • offer calculation
  • calculation
Human Resources
  • payroll
  • expense report
  • invoicing
  • accounts receivable / accounts payable
  • payment transactions
Financial accounting
  • balance sheet
  • taxes

Critical sizes of enterprises

Experience shows that there is a critical size for companies at which the administrative burdens increase by leaps and bounds. As soon as these critical sizes are reached, the administration of the company should definitely be reconsidered and adjusted.

The more time-critical a company has to function (e.g. repair service), the more important it becomes that employees can organize and coordinate themselves independently.

< 10 collaborators
  • depending on leadership talent and commitment, monopolised structures can successfully prove their worth with up to 10 employees
> 10 collaborators
  • decentralized structures become increasingly efficient at critical sizes because modern management tools regulate the flow of information independently of the physical presence of authority

Your company profile

The following examples describe some company profiles that can typically be assisted by 'Organisatrice'. If you find yourself in one of these characteristic descriptions, then our software service can relieve you considerably.

The commonality of the following examples lies in the fact that the business activity is carried out externally by the customer.

Company-internal profiles

Depending on the size and constellation of a company, the personnel and organizational problem areas take on completely different characteristics. Equally decisive for optimized operation is the staffing and competencies of the individual employees.

Depending on the business segment that manages your company, your internal operating procedures are structured and organized accordingly.

'Sole entrepreneurs with diversified business activities'
Typically a broadly diversified field of business, where the realizations are carried out in a highly individualized manner
  • Organisatrice acts as a kind of personal assistant here.
    • Typical representatives of these business areas are the players in the general installation industry, where products and installation environments can vary greatly from object to object.
    • self-employed installers in the construction industry with temporary personnel resources
  • individualized realizations
    • the entrepreneur structures himself and keeps his head clear with minimal effort discipline
'Small business as a service provider'
High proportion of services or third-party services
  • Assignment of service contracts to subcontractors
    • You fulfil subcontractor mandates, must be able to formally record them correctly and communicate the services reliably.
      • Enter your own resources, store documents specifically and focus on invoicing
  • Subcontracting appearance
    • You specify 'performance orders' to 'subcontractors' and require an overview of their operations and billing.
      • Organisatrice' helps you to file specific subcontracts. Third party entrepreneurs can be analysed and assessed on a long-term basis and across all mandates.
'Service team with a high proportion of maintenance subscriptions'
Delimitation of 'Subscriptions' and 'Repair' Orders
  • Resource planning and correct invoicing
    • The assignment of spontaneous interventions is simplified by the transparent and meaningful deployment history.
    • the reliability of the subscription service is strengthened
'Service team within an installer company'
Service and installation
  • the experiences from the 'service' flow consistently back into the assembly department
    • Commissioning, reworking and warranty work shall be at the expense of the installation department.
    • Maintenance and additional services are commercially defined as 'productive' services
  • the services can be clearly distinguished from the installation services
    • Assistance for the improvement of the installation quality, respectively the product quality
'Branch structures with joint on-call service'
Geographical information is consistently available
  • the customers, their objects and their installations are reliable and quickly assessable
    • own operational data are stored immediately and definitively

Customer profiles

Depending on the composition of the clientele, quite different accents are set in terms of administration.

A property management company makes different administrative demands on an entrepreneur than a 'simple' private customer.

'Real estate management as customers'
Consistent history and geographical identification of orders
  • Demanding operational dynamics
    • corresponding order records are easy to generate
    • the always archived operative order overview guarantees a constant and reliable invoicing basis
    • Even with several hundred operational objects per customer, the operational and administrative overview is always maintained.
'Complex Management Structure'
Networked companies with joint operations structures (on-call service, service)
  • Example 'Shopping center
    • the infrastructure is 'generally managed'.
    • Maintenance subscriptions should be recorded clearly and in a structured manner
    • Several customers per intervention object
      • Orders from 'rented' customers are generated directly
      • the overview and structure should be guaranteed in the long term
    • Maintenance of critical equipment must also be fulfilled during holiday periods and by on-call services.
      • Transparent subscription, order and operation history