... easy interactive administration


The systematic presentation of information throughout, combined with powerful program navigation, makes consulting information an experience.

Image documentation in particular makes it possible to think one's way into a problem or job context in just a few moments.

Text informationen
  • the orthogonal information structure needs very few words
    • the choice of words is more consistently focused on invoicing
    • the information is filed in a targeted manner
    • the order items are formulated in a more standardized way
Image information
  • the easy integration of photos with smartphone (camera), tablet or PC brings many advantages, especially for (repetitive) jobs (= subscriptions)
    • installation, building zones, building plans
    • picture documentation (repair service)
    • product picture, schemas
Documents Pdf
  • Contract documents, contract information for subscriptions
  • User manuals, product descriptions
  • Order form, purchase order
  • Delivery bill

Enhanced information

The information is always easily retrievable and often increases in value over time. By always being presented in the right context, the information is understandable even to that employee who has not experienced the execution context themselves.
  • buildings, clients
  • date, collaborator, mandate
  • Hourly report of the employee
  • Work report for the customer
    • =commercial report as a basis for invoicing
  • order summary
    • for customer
    • exhausted for internal use
  • resources are calculated over larger periods of time and presented in an understandable way
    • Annual analysis per building/customer
      • collaborator hours
      • total hours per year
  • collaborator spectrum (who, how, when)
  • the long-standing business activity is constantly mapped
Customer service
  • Acquisition base
  • Offer Reference
  • Control tool for invoicing

Flow of information

As soon as it is possible to replace communication with structured information flows, a large time saving potential is realized. Are your information flows more structured or spontaneous? How big is your potential to replace communication with information?

Most information in normal business operations is consulted more than once.

One-way information
  • Store and bill 'once only' without follow-up orders
    • this information is also often called up many times over the course of time.

Many elements of a business process are consulted again and again over time - without having changed in the meantime.

  • Client
    • the orderer of orders is
    • customer addresses
  • Building
    • building addresses
    • mission location
    • contact addresses
  • Subscription
    • work specifications
    • date of intervention
Missing information
  • The missing information costs a lot of time and tempts you
    • and usually provokes false information
Wrong information
  • The most expensive element in the structured information structure is ultimately the wrong information. It quickly becomes a problem, because ignorance or 'false intuition' lead to execution errors that can no longer be logically justified.

Long-term availability of information

The long-term availability of information depends very much on how standardized and systematized it is stored and finally presented.

Information volatilization
  • staff fluctuation
    • departure
    • retirement
  • human memory
Long-term consolidation of information
  • paper
    • archiving system
  • electronic data carriers
  • personalized knowledge carriers
    • faithful employment relationships

Complementary Aspects

Depending on the employee's role within the company, his or her priorities will be different.


Langfristige Zuverlässigkeit garantieren
  • Vertragsinformationen werden hinterlegt 
    • restriktiv konsultierbar
  • Jahres-Übersicht (Monitoring)
Periodische Ausführung
  • jährliche Arbeitsmodule sind definiert
    • Stundendirektiven sind festgelegt
  • die Historie reflektiert die Vergangenheit


Die Aktualisierung von Daten (Tel, eMail) kann auf jeder hierarchischen Stufe ausgeführt werden
  • Bestelladresse
  • Rechnungsadresse
  • Ansprechspersonen
    • Zugang
    • Rapport, Hauswart
  • Bewohner

Maintenance subscriptions

Long-term reliability guaranteed
  • Contract information is stored
    • restricted consultable
  • Annual overview (Monitoring)
Periodical execution
  • annual working modules are defined
    • Hourly directives are defined
  • the history reflects the past


The updating of data (Tel, eMail) can be carried out at any hierarchical level.
  • ordering address
  • billing address
  • contact persons
    • entrance
  • Rapport, Caretaker
  • denizen


Den Auftragskontext jederzeit erkennen
Einsatzort zuweisen
  • Gebäude geographisch finden
    • Adresse
    • Ansprechperson
  • Historie erkennen
  • langjährige Auftragsdynamik des Kunden erkennen
  • Fakturierungsabteilung unterstützen


Kunden unabhängig von ihrer Grösse und Komplexität kompetent und langfristig bedienen können.
  • komplexe Gebäudestrukturen verstehen
  • mehrere Hundert Aufträge im Jahr
  • Historie abrufen
  • Abos strukturiert erfassen
 Komplexer Kunde
  • Betreuung mehrerer Hundert Objekte eine Immobilienverwaltung
  • mehrere Hundert Aufträge pro Jahr
  • Kunden-Referenz, Bestellreferenz


Recognize the order context at any time
Assigning a Site
  • find buildings geographically
    • Address
    • point of contact
  • Recognize history
  • Recognize the long-term order dynamics of the customer
  • Support invoicing department


to serve customers competently and long-term, regardless of their size and complexity.
Important clients
  • understand complex building structures
  • several hundred orders per year
  • Retrieve history
  • Structured Subscription Entry
Complex clients
  • Management of several hundred properties a real estate management company
  • several hundred orders per year
  • Customer Reference, Order Reference