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The staff

The higher the operational dynamics, the more intensively the individual employee is burdened. Operational structuring relieves the individual employee and helps him or her to distance themselves effectively from operational disturbances.As a result, the individual employee can once again effectively contribute his or her performance where his or her core competencies lie.

The constructive cooperation between the individual employees of the respective competence level ultimately determines the long-term success of a company.


'Organisatrice' effectively takes care of the sustainable structuring of this demanding cooperation in the background.

The leadership person

  • the leader tries to organize the execution of work
  • communicating tasks and work objectives clearly should be simplified in a structured environment
  • the resource planning of an entire enterprise requires overview and much experience

The executing employee

  • the employee carrying out the work is left to his own devices and is dependent on the fact that his assignment at the customer's site has been properly arranged in advance
  • during the execution of the work, the employee must be able to concentrate fully on his technical subject area

The administrative employee

  • the administrative employee is on the one hand responsible for the personnel-technical aspects (hourly reports of the worker
  • on the other hand, he is responsible for the remuneration of services (=invoicing) and needs timely information (work reports)