... easy interactive administration

Advantages with 'Organisatrice'

With 'Organisatrice' your everyday life in business will be much easier. Information will be available where it is useful for the business. Not only the provision of work performance will thus become much leaner administratively.

Interactive collaboration increases both efficiency in your operation and your position in the market.

Market - Profiling

Compared to your competitors, you will be perceived much more competently by the customer on the market. You will win more orders with less effort. Likewise, it will be easier for you to assert yourself against third-party players.

A robust organization in the company brings a lot of advantages on the market. It makes you stand out from your competitors without any additional effort. In addition to more confidence in appearance, you gain more respect from the customer.

Customers realize that ...
  • your company is better organized
  • there is more substance in your answers and information
  • you have a perfect command of your assignment history
  • both quotes and invoicing are more consistent
Third-party company ...
  • suppliers have more respect for organized 'company'
  • subcontractors appreciate your overview and clarity
  • service providers can rely on your coordination

Administration - Optimization

Your proprietary information pool will help all your employees. This way, their administrative services will also benefit unimagined when needed. This saves a lot of time and leads your employees to the desired information with little effort.

'Organisatrice' is designed so that information only needs to be entered once. This saves a lot of useless working hours.

So from now on, when the performing employee enters his hours or fills in his work report, this interactive act turns more into 'productive' working time. They work highly efficiently for the billing and payroll departments.

The image of 'non-productive' administration is thus a thing of the past.

Permanent order

Organisatrice' helps you keep track with appropriate perspectives and systematic order - even in hectic times. Combined with the powerful navigation, you never lose control and maintain logic.

Independent employees

Long-term employees are often a company's greatest asset. Organisatrice' helps to regulate responsibilities transparently and to respect the roles of the employees. This strengthens their loyalty towards your company.

Technical realism

The permanent communication of the operational context brings the administration closer to the technical reality again. Even technically untrained clerks understand the operational context of orders and work assignments thanks to the consistent text and image information.

Your business, - your structuring

With the help of 'Organisatrice', the administrative structuring in the company is sustainably consolidated. The main segments of your administration will be unbundled and each one will be more efficient in its function.

You know your business best yourself. We provide you with the 'framework' for an efficient organization of your business. We help you to regulate. You keep and develop your proven structures.

Organisatrice' supports you to develop sustainably, so that your business may steadily increase in value over time.

Robust structuring

'Organisatrice' does not limit you by structuring, but gives you more freedom without the risk of losing yourself organizationally.

Reliable set of rules

The intelligent navigation leads you to the logical steps without crowding you. You keep the overview and decide the what, how, where, who and for whom. With very few clicks and short text input, you will have completed your task in no time.

Sustainable standard

In the background, the incorruptible program logic maintains the coherence of your information. Thus, your structure constantly gains value over time. The growing history retains the knowledge despite personnel fluctuations in the company. Likewise it serves internally the offer system. It also reduces the number of telephone inquiries.