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Effective cooperation

With the software application 'Organisatrice' you will find your way into the digitally assisted future. The interactive organisation system regulates the administrative cooperation in the operative business operation in a sustainable way. This administrative optimization significantly reduces your operative administrative expenses.
Interactive collaboration ...

'Organisatrice' effectively regulates the WHO, HOW, WHERE, WHEN and WHAT in executive businesses and technical maintenance. With our innovative information and communication platform, your operational administrative processes are sustainably optimised.
'Köppel infoServicing' offers you this organizational system as a "SaaS" service. 

Digital assisted

Whether in an industrial company, in a family business or in nationwide facility management - 'Organisatrice' regulates your entire operative information logistics comprehensively and sustainably.
Whether it's on your PC, tablet or pocket smartphone, - 'Organisatrice' guides you to the information you need in just a few clicks thanks to intelligent navigation.
Always there for spontaneous consultation and input of information.

Just as practical for the pictorial documentation via the built-in camera


The more comfortable screen size already provides a good overview and offers a lot of comfort for use in the vehicle.

Finally, the desktop screens offer the user a permanent overview in the complementary management perspectives.
Laptop or PC

Both in the scheduling of staff and orders as well as in invoicing, the rapid acquisition of an overview is decisive for efficient administration.



Hours Report

Subscription Monitoring

Order Monitoring

Enhance information and save time

By systematically structuring your operational information, you gain a lot of time and save resources. Your business activities gain lasting added value with even little text and images.
Multiple or incorrect transfers of information are minimized and administrative workflows are simplified considerably.

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