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'Organisatrice' is an interactive organization system that makes your day-to-day business much easier. It has been specially developed for companies that execute technical work directly on the customer's premises
'Organisatrice' solves your information puzzle

'Organisatrice' puts the information puzzle of your company together and reflects reality in meaningful perspectives. This promotes efficient collaboration in your company. Individual employees can concentrate on their core tasks again and gain a lot of time.

Organizational SystemOrganizational System

The interactive organization system 'Organisatrice' typically supports you in crafts, installations or customer service in a technical company.

Interactive CollaborationInteractive Collaboration

The interactive platform 'Organizatrice' forms an administrative backbone for your entire company. With little effort on the part of the individual employee, your information network is constructed very realistically.

Digitally assistedDigitally assisted

Whatever situation or role you are acting from, 'Organisatrice' guides it safely with intelligent navigation. All relevant stakeholders in the business read the information from an appropriate perspective. Through interactive collaboration, internal workflows are disentangled. At the same time, destructive administrative dependencies are avoided.
Easy to use

This provides your collaborators with comprehensive information at all times - whether on a PC, on a tablet or via your smartphone in your pocket. With just a few clicks, you can intuitively access the context where the desired information is located. Meanwhile, the ease of use results from the screen size and corresponding peripherals such as keyboard mouse or integrated camera and microphone.

Crafts and customer serviceCrafts and customer service

Whether in assembly or technical service, 'Organisatrice' helps you to structure your company sustainably and optimize order processing. Administrative dependencies from acquisition to invoicing are largely unbundled. As a result, each collaborator regains more independence and freedom of action in their respective function.
interaktives Organisationssystem

Mobile and flexibleMobile and flexible

Even via your smartphone you will find full access to the entire range of functions of 'Organisatrice'.
Smartphone or Tablet

'Organisatrice' runs on an external server and is therefore accessible at any time via your Internet browser. This makes the information platform accessible via any device. You will always find the full range of functions. 

Gain the overviewGain the overview

In 'Organisatrice', the employee gains comprehensive insight within a very short time. The respective perspective provides the target-oriented information with just a few clicks thanks to intelligent navigation.

Comfort on the Desktop

All consultative users will find very comfortable views via the desktop screens, where navigation bars, filters and information can be easily operated with the mouse. 'Organisatrice' is characterized by an intelligently guided navigation, where even inexperienced users can reach their destination with a few clicks.

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