... easy interactive administration


'Organisatrice' supports the company in maintaining a constructive overview and being able to enforce decisions appropriately.

On the one hand, you want to provide an overview so that content can be better understood in context. On the other hand, the overview also gives you the power you need to assert authority in a meaningful way and to make the right decisions.


Deeper insight should be provided where the employee's role requires it. This is the case, for example, for employees with management responsibility or corresponding role-related decision-making authority.


The more meaningful the information is understood, the greater the chance that a certain logic of the problem will be respected behind the decision.


Assistance for Back-Office services, mainly treating the monetary aspects of administration.

Gaining an overview for administrative-technical tasks.


  • chronological overview
  • invoicing status

Work provision

  • status of execution
  • responsibilities

Subscription Management (annually)

  • Übersicht
  • Verlängerung


  • addresses
  • buildings
  • resourcen
  • characteristics

Human resources

  • work sheet
  • expenses
  • costs


Annual analytics from entrepreneurial complementary perspectives.

The annual analysis brings a feedback into the operation. Here one gains the temporal and statistical overview.


... of 

  • collaborators
  • clients
  • buildings
  • ...

User Management

The controlling functionalities in 'Organisatrice' are granted where the hierarchical role is assigned to the corresponding employee. For example, the invoicing clerk is given access that allows her to have a better overview of the order workflow from her perspective, while the scheduler must be able to maintain an overview of his employees and needs more authority to be able to intervene decisively if necessary.

The program grants authoritative roles the ability to intervene in other people's responsibilities.

These manipulative powers are assigned by the program through clearly defined roles.

You gain action and decision-making competencies, as well as insights and overviews so that you can maintain authority in the long term and in a reasonable manner.

Roles and hierarchy
  • the role intervenes where the normal rules of responsibility come into conflict
    • set execution priorities
    • change responsibilities
  • corporate directives
    • enforce personnel decisions