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Logic and technology

Technology only serves people if it is set up and operated sensibly. The logic of a technical system must be coordinated and maintained over long periods of time. The long-term maintenance of technical equipment and systems in industry and building technology is a daily challenge for the employee and the company. The administrative component of this task is often underestimated. The technical employee at the end of the execution chain can only do his job satisfactorily if he has access to consistent information.

Sustainable collaboration

La coopération fondée sur les faits au sein de la hiérarchie rend le contrôle "autoritaire" inutile dans de nombreux cas. L'échange constructif entre les collaborateurs permet de mieux comprendre le travail de ses collègues. Dès que l'information est principalement de nature opérationnelle, le sens du mot "administration" devient également compréhensible pour le collaborateur chargé de l'exécution. 'Organisatrice' veille dans l'entreprise à ce que les tâches complémentaires de l'administration d'une entreprise ne s'entravent pas, mais se complètent de manière constructive.

Constructive support

An administrative collaborator in the office immediately gains clarifying insight into the working environment of his work colleague, as soon as the latter knows how to describe his working environment at the customer's correctly and professionally. Here, of course, expressive photos may help to illustrate the technical problems succinctly. As soon as information is shared constructively, the need for disproportionate employee monitoring with GPS or electronic real-time tracking usually becomes unnecessary. The performance of an employee is reflected in the long-term overview, be it in the technical execution or in the back office.

Technical execution

A cornerstone of a robust administration is certainly the insight into the history of past years. From this, the employee can already read the essential history of a plant. Just as important is the structured provision of technical schematics, plans and operating instructions. Thanks to this essential information, a trained technician can quickly find his way around an unfamiliar environment and carry out his work constructively.


Information technology should make everyday life easier for people. Information should help the employee to be able to perform his work effectively and to fulfill his responsibilities. The goal of information storage is to provide the employee with a transparent story that increases the meaning of his work and makes his daily performance comprehensible.

The technical work performance should regain sustainable value. 'Organisatrice' should help to be able to realistically evaluate the demanding 'work at the customer'.


Structured cooperation facilitates the work of each individual. The individual work step gains more meaning when it is understood and executed in a constructive overall context. 

Enhancing the value of work

The quality and thus the value of manual work is to be increased. The realistic recording of work performance makes its price comprehensible. The value of labor is sustainably increased in competition.

Structure administrative cooperation

Decouple operational information and thus relieve the work of monetary administration. Give administrative staff more insight into the day-to-day reality of technical execution.

No tracking

It is explicitly not the purpose of this software to track the collaborator, but to assist him. The employee functions via self-responsibility and via normal social control within the corporate culture.

The application will be further developed as standard software. It should remain easy to use in the long term and always provide an overview. The end user should be given as much freedom of action as possible.


The basic concept of 'Organisatrice' is to be respected sustainably. No unnecessary dependencies on technologies and providers. The overall concept must remain manageable and controllable.

Convenient navigation

Die Navigation ist der entscheidende Faktor einer anwendungsfreundlichen Software. Der Nutzer soll so einfach wie möglich zu seinem Ziel geführt werden.

Information in context

Content is immediately understandable when it is presented in its natural context. Information should be presented as meaningfully as possible.

Standard ensures security

We respect programming standards and thus benefit from high technological security standards.

Neither the information nor the user data is made available to third parties in any form. The software is autonomous and keeps all data streams under strict control.


Data remains the property of the companies using 'Organisatrice'. The data shall not be accessible by third parties either in their operating environment or in their backup environments. 

Storage location

We work together with trustworthy providers. All structured data is stored in Switzerland. 

Data protection

In this respect, the highest possible security is strived for. All structured data is consequently stored with a provider who guarantees precisely this confidentiality.

Minimize risk

As far as possible, efforts are made at all technical levels to manage data in as small a scale and confidential a manner as possible so that everything remains under control in the distant future.