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Digital assistanceDigital assistance

'Organisatrice' is an internal information platform that specifically assists your operational business.
This software ensures that you and your collaborators are not overwhelmed by the prevailing operational dynamics. As dynamic as your business activity may be, 'Organisatrice' promptly reflects your operational reality and consolidates it in a robust management structure. As a result, operational information and interrelationships can be easily consulted and understood by all those involved in the company.

If you manage a business operation classically with paper, then information sometimes gets 'bogged down' very quickly. Information blocks quickly become isolated in folders and compartments in the dynamics of your business activities and thus steadily lose value.

With the digital assistance 'Organisatrice' you experience exactly the opposite. Operational information is consistently embedded here in meaningful context. With each operational event, your information framework grows, which also means that the individual information blocks are constantly upgraded over time.

The organizational framework is also tailored to your business operations. Your day-to-day operations are mapped realistically and you retain your tried-and-tested operating models.

Structured storage

In 'Organisatrice', the individual information blocks are interconnected like threads. So if you 'pull' on any 'information thread', the whole information network will meet you in a well-ordered way.
Depending on the role or perspective of the user, the entire information web is presented in such a way that the information image can be read and interpreted in the best possible way

  • the information blocks are already hierarchically and chronologically ordered
  • the totals of working hours or lunch are already available
  • the delivery notes were specifically stored by the collaborator
  • photos illustrate the real execution context

Creating the invoice for such an order in your accounting system has become an easy task. The entire information logistics of an order is taken over by 'Organisatrice' and presented in a cleaned up form at any time. It does not matter how many actors were involved - the information order always corresponds to the business logic of the company.

Just consult the informations

On the one hand, 'Organizer' assists you in collecting your information in a targeted manner. On the other hand, it presents each piece of information in an understandable context. User-friendliness is ensured by very intelligent navigation. You therefore never lose your bearings and experience a high level of user comfort with every click.

On the one hand, 'Organizatrice' helps you to gather your information in a targeted manner. On the other hand, it presents each piece of information in a comprehensible context. User-friendliness is ensured by very intelligent navigation. You therefore never lose your bearings and experience a high level of user comfort with every click.

The organizational framework of 'Organisatrice' brings more flexibility to your company. The clear structure enables more interactivity. From an administrative point of view, several people in your company can work on the same topic without getting in each other's way or having to wait for each other.

Main Perspektives

These perspectives put you in the respective role you perform in the company. A performing collaborator 'thinks' about buildings or his working hours , a acquirer sees the 'customer' and the scheduler acts from the perspective of 'orders' and their responsibilities and the agendas of his collaborators.

Clients and buildings

Maintain relationships
  • contact persons
  • contact details
  • search masks
Overview resources
  • buildings
  • facilities

Client overview

  • History
  • Responsibilities
  • Status
  • history
  • documents


  • graphical presentation
  • structured schedule
  • full correlations
Strategic overview
  • long-term planning stability

Weekly reports

  • Timesheet
  • Expenses
  • Disbursements
  • operational characteristics

Order monitoring

  • Outstanding orders
  • Quotes
  • Spectral presentation
  • Workload

Order / quote

  • Documents, Pdf
  • Images
  • Associated buildings
  • Associated firms
Time aspects
  • History
  • Planification
  • Appointments

Order Attachments

Orders / Quotes
  • shipping documents
  • order form
  • contract
  • technical documentation
Mandates / Subscriptions
  • contract
  • technical documentation

Gebäude / Anlage

  • Foto
  • Illustrationen, Anweisungen

Subscription Management

  • Subscription-quotes
  • Subscriptions


  • zeitliche Abgrenzung
  • Hours effort
  • Time contingents

Subscription Monitoring

  • Annual planning
  • Monthly spectrum
Updated hour balance
  • Enterprise
  • Collaborator

Directories Administration

  • Customers
  • Buildings
Search masks 

Collaborator Administration

  • Contact
  • Teams

Photo illustration

Photo, image
  • Context presentation
  • Geographically
  • Infos

Operation History

  • Operations
  • Context
  • History

Quotes Administration

  • Workflow
  • Appointment-Management
  • Status, submission deadline

Building management

  • Customer
  • caretaker, tenant
Search masks
  • Address
  • Name

Building work prospection

Contractor management - Module

If you manage complex third-party responsibilities - such as real estate management - and coordinate subcontractors and service providers in the process, then this 'third-party perspective' offers even more advanced controlling options in an add-on module that will make your life easier.

This is a complementary module. The basic functionalities of this module are always accessible, - but additional filters are accessible only through additional licenses. These filters are especially useful for you as soon as you need to actively manage third-party companies.

  • custtomer
  • buildings
  • subscriptions
  • quotes
  • orders