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The company structure

A company structure usually grows 'out of itself' over time. Although every company is somehow unique, more or less similar structural segments can be found everywhere. This is because most of the functional segments of a company are indispensable due to everyday requirements. 

The typical operational business structure consists of the basic operating segments.

Of course, specific idiosyncrasies and configurations are always found in each business segment, but the actual structure of business dynamics can usually be reduced to a common denominator across entire countries.


  • strategic corporate management
  • operations management


  • technical planning skills (concepts)
  • offer system

Execution (= operational business)

  • technical execution skills
  • disposition, execution coordination


  • invoicing
  • accounting
  • balance

Materialized structure   

The structure of the premises and equipment also usually reflects an organizational mainstream.

In the executive trade, there are administrative and planning profit centers on the one hand, and on the other hand, the mobile task forces, which perform their work at various geographically distributed building objects of various customers.

Company building

  • registered office
  • branches
  • partner


  • divisions
  • fabrication
  • service division
  • archives


  • personnel mobility
  • operational vehicle with tool park
  • delivery vehicle

Operational structures

To maintain orderly operations over time, complementary directives are developed in each operation. Enforcing these directives is usually a personnel challenge.

'Organisatrice' helps in the background to enforce the prevailing directives in an unspectacular way. The organizational overview helps decisively to steer human behavior along reasonable lines and to respect working methods.

Commercial directives

  • margins
  • returns
  • acquisition targets

Technical directives

  • working methods
  • tool park
  • vehicle maintenance

Leadership directives

  • customer contact
  • internal dealings
    • hierarchy
    • authority
    • competence

Administrative directives

  • targeted storage
  • optimized administrative workflows