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Digital transformation (DX)

Only those who know how to use the possibilities of digitization skilfully will be able to profit in the long term, both humanly and economically. We help you to simplify the administrative work steps with suitable tools and to gain more time and competences for your actual core business. The term 'digitalization' describes the process of change from a traditional, paper-based administration to a digitally assisted administration. Organisatrice' supports your company every day in this continuous optimization process. 

Traditional working methods and behaviors are currently revolutionizing at a rapid pace. In the midst of this highly dynamic environment, we offer with 'Organisatrice' especially for smaller companies an independent and long-term robust solution. Organisatrice' supports you in solving the technical challenges in a dynamic and targeted way. The focus is on the technical solution implementation. The actual administration effort is minimized at the same time.

Interactively regulate the technical service provision

The main reason for moving towards 'digital administration' is probably that it allows real interactivity. Because the information is not bound to paper, complementary actors can have an administrative impact at the same time at different locations in real time. This interactive administrative cooperation significantly reduces the personnel costs in the administration and improves the quality of the administration decisively.

The more logically and consistently administrative processes are designed and implemented, the easier they are to implement in the company in the long term.

Bundled, 'Organisatrice' offers a compact solution that ensures a high level of administrative optimization, especially in the day-to-day operations of smaller companies.

  • to structure the traditional flood of information constantly
  • to intercept and channel information at an early stage
  • valorise important information in a target-oriented way
  • storing information with regard to invoicing
  • to make prepared information available to the company on a long-term and compact basis

Simplify administrative processes

'Organisatrice' implements the possibilities of information technology so consistently that they serve the employee specifically and not vice versa. The employee can thus concentrate on his core technical process again and gains a lot of time for his actual professional activity.

The working environment in customer service has become more complex and dynamic. Maintaining products and services on the customer side in the long term and economically has also become a major challenge from an administrative point of view.

Map reality
  • we have made it our business to package the possibilities of these technologies in such a way that they can be used safely and without worry by the end user in productive use
Present service delivery 
  • capture with text and image in context
Relief of performance remuneration  
  • interpret realities effectively