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Sustainable structuring

Sustainable structuring

With 'Organisatrice', we offer you the foundation for long-term robust operation. Thereby you receive the structuring set of rules in one shot. Consequently, you have an organizational system with integrated scheduling and monitoring from day one. Furthermore, you will find various controlling modules that will be very useful for your employees in the administration. Their daily work in invoicing, human resources, acquisition and at the reception will be much easier thanks to this powerful information pool. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

'Organisatrice' regulates your operational business so that your business activity is no longer 'bogged down' on paper. Your real business activity with your essential resources is represented by 'Organisatrice' with little interactive effort. Especially for companies in development this standard software is a basic structuring aid. Organisatrice' represents the functional logic of your company and forces your employees to behave logically from an administrative point of view.

Long-term stable concept

'Organisatrice' structures efficiently over the long periods of time and at the same time offers the highest flexibility in everyday life. Our service is very comprehensive and helps you from day one to manage your operational business also administratively sustainable.

This technically mature solution supports you reliably without restricting you in your entrepreneurial activities. Continuity, stability and permanent availability characterize this organizational system. This information system does not know sick leave or overload.

'Organisatrice' brings a technical stability to your company, which at the same time balances the entrepreneurial and human burdens of your company in the long term.

'Organisatrice' understands how to disentangle the administrative complexity of a company in such a way that it becomes simpler again for each collaborator. 



'Organisatrice' supports your company on the one hand in the operational structuring and on the other hand in the management of your business processes.

The actual operational structuring maintains the "hierarchical framework" in the background, while the process organization ensures that your orders are processed efficiently in day-to-day business.



This appointment scheduler lives up to its name. With this intelligent tool you fill your agenda almost playfully easy.

Your entries in the agenda easy to read for everyone thanks to linking with the whole organizational structure. This offers you an unimagined comfort of use and flexibility in the hectic everyday life. The executing employee can thus easily and quickly guide himself through the week.



To regulate responsibilities transparently is the task of monitoring. With it, you lead your employees and thus delegate the administrative and executive tasks.

In this respect, monitoring does not regulate the time components of operational planning, but rather the responsibilities regarding the administration and execution of projects, subscriptions, orders and offers.



The organization system is also helpful to those employees who deal with traditional administrative tasks on a daily basis. They gain an uncomplicated opportunity for more overview and insight into the day-to-day operations.

This is classically the invoicing, the payroll accounting, the acquisition and last but not least the reception with the telephone information.

The technical operation of the software

The application runs as a SaaS service and is accessible via your standard browser.
'Köppel infoServicing' operates and maintains this innovative organization system on servers hosted in Switzerland. No structured data is stored abroad.

'Organisatrice' has been designed from the beginning as standard software and is therefore characterized by its unique stability.

You have nothing to do with the actual technical operation of the software, but can use it without installation directly via a protected access in your internet browser.

'Organisatrice' ist von Beginn weg als Standard-Software konzipiert worden und zeichnet sich deswegen durch seine einzigartige Stabilität aus. 

Sie haben mit dem eigentlichen technischen Betrieb der Software nichts zu tun, sondern können diese ohne Installation direkt über einen geschützten Zugang in Ihrem Internet-Browser nutzen.

SaaS - Dienstleistung
  • Software as a Service (=SaaS)
Server betriebene Applikation
  • ihr Zugang über Ihren Standard Browser