... easy interactive administration


Easy to use application

The 'Organisatrice' application is very easy to use.
With just a few clicks in 'Organisatrice' you will find the perspective, where all relevant information is presented in an orderly manner without complicated navigational skills.
All information is always pre-filtered.
Time-relevant positions are of course always arranged chronologically.

Mobile Devices

Mobile phones and tablets make life easier in daily use.
  • take pictures with the camera
  • enter working hours
  • consulting the monitoring
  • gain overview


Intelligent coordination of collaborators and orders.
  • the overview of upcoming tasks at any time
  • the maintenance of agenda entries becomes child's play
  • easiest creation with 'drag'n'drop' ...
  • flexibility combined with robust structuring
  • ...

Client perspective

The 'client' presents himself in all his facets ...
  • an offer 9 years ago or an order 3 years ago ?
    a user manual ?
    one of several hundred buildings of a real estate management  ?
    a work assignment concerning an invoice complaint ?
  • ...

Order overview

The central element of a business administration presents itself in its entirety ...
  • immediately recognize the order structure
    • invoicing a simple order ?
    • check the execution of a complex subscription
  • generate a standard report ?
    • invoicing a simple order ?
    • check the execution of a complex subscription


The monitoring helps you to delegate realistically.
  • communicate responsibilities transparently
  • the execution reactivity always at a glance
  • the employee workload can be quantified and viewed

Manage subscriptions

'Organisatrice' regulates reality in execution and thus ensures greater consistency and quality.
  • the execution reality at a glance
  • the hourly balance is always updated
  • with one click from the overview in the order


Represents the perspective that shows the data concerning 'the employee' in person.
  • weekly time report
  • total hours of work
  • personal expenses
  • other expenses

Enter your data

The entry of client and order data becomes a natural part of the work process.
  • few seconds for input
  • few words
  • easy comprehension
  • long-term availability