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Awareness of change

Changing administrative processes inevitably releases a lot of energy and emotion. Habits are questioned and behaviors are perhaps steered in new directions. All of these requirements should take place constructively and not unnecessarily disrupt ongoing operations.

The start-up of 'Organisatrice' does not interfere with the current operation, because it does not directly compete with the traditional administrative tools.


Consequently, the process of replacing unsuitable software can be carried out without any real time pressure.


The 'preparation phase' does not affect the current operation in any way, but requires a certain amount of time disposition of the administrative staff.


The 'pilot phase' finally gives the starting signal for the actual operational use of 'Organisatrice'. On the execution side, only selected, motivated employees are involved. The other employees of the execution are not affected. In this phase, the administration can gain the first experience without being overburdened and under unnecessary pressure.


As soon as the story is consolidated in this phase, the remaining target group can be introduced in the normalization phase.

Understanding the enterprise

  • It is important to be able to correctly assess the situation of the company before the change
  • The more realistic the assessment of the situation, the smaller the surprises

Manager's awareness

  • the key positions in the company should be sensitized early and become so that they can make their thoughts.

Accompanying change

  • where possible, the change should be divided into compact modules, which can then be implemented gradually and unspectacularly