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Monitoring supports you in communicating the responsibilities of orders and mandates. Through the consistent allocation of responsibility, the whole operation can be delegated transparently and clearly without having to actively communicate this. The personalized workload becomes objectively recognizable.
Assignments are carried out satisfactorily as long as responsibility is clearly assigned to one person. This principle of responsabilization is consistently applied in 'Organisatrice'.

'Organisatrice' filters the responsibilities so that the individual employee can focus on what is happening.Likewise, the employee gains insight into what is happening among his or her co-workers. The workload can be easily read out for each employee and thus also becomes comprehensible for the company management. Regular long-term monitoring makes it possible to better distribute the workload across the entire workforce.

Maintain overview

Company-wide overview of resources; monitoring mainly serves the dispatcher and controlling for invoicing

  • orders
  • offers
  • subscriptions
Operational transparency
  • number of orders that are being processed throughout the company
    • how have the responsibilities been distributed in terms of personnel
  • hourly requirement/balance of hours of all subscriptions
    • per year
    • per employee
  • administrative responsibility of subscriptions can be separated from execution responsibility

'Organizatrice' communicates transparently. The responsibilities of the employee are reflected in the personalized 'Monitoring'. Here the employee automatically focuses on 'his' orders, offers and subscriptions.

  • delegation of responsibilities
  • personalized workload

Execution and administration can be delimited in terms of personnel.


Estimate workload for employee, overview and understand.

Thanks to personalized monitoring, the responsible employee can see his order load. In this way, he always retains an overview and can successfully schedule himself.

  • orders in the pipeline
    • priorities
    • workplace
Periodic orders
  • assigned subscription orders
    • yearly hours contingent and actual balance
    • structured work planning
Execution spectrum
  • montly spectrum
  • yearly hours contingent and actual balance
  • work off offers according to priorities


Subscription management, project management and acquisition of new maintenance contracts.

Especially the organization of complex maintenance contracts with third party service providers in the contract are also administratively demanding.

'Organisatrice' supports you in mastering this task also from a work-technical point of view.

Invoicing (assistance)

  • Invoicing-Workflow

Projects are longer-term, one-time assignment frameworks wherein more complex work environments are organized.

Subscription structures

Subscriptions are structurally mandates that are automatically renewed annually. Within this subscription mandate, the subscription order is generated annually.

The work to be performed is structurally defined, so that the periodic work is also clearly defined and can be periodically copied into the new year.

Subscription contract propositions

If you offer a service contract to a customer, this is a mandate whose term is automatically renewed annually according to the contract.