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An effective acquisition is the key factor for a successful business result. In order to be able to prepare an offer profitably, the canvasser needs meaningful and realistic information. 'Organisatrice' provides a valuable source of information in text and images that enables the administrative employee to quickly assess and understand the real context on the customer side.

The organizational framework of 'Organisatrice' brings more flexibility to your business. The clear structuring makes more interactivity possible. Several actors in your business work administratively on the same topic without hindering each other or having to wait for the other.

The organizational framework is also tailored to your business operations. Your operational dynamics are realistically mapped.

You retain your proven operating patterns.

Offers and subscriptions

On the one hand, successful quotations are based on the fact that

  • the employee carrying out the work can use his pre-sales talents with the customer and
  • can precisely describe the technical reality on the customer side

on the other hand

  • the canvasser knows how to structure the offer in monetary terms so that both the technical and the monetary reality fit together in the end

Create offers

The creation of offers (quotations) is challenging in that several people are involved in the creation process and the technical information needs to be translated into a meaningful commercial context. The transmission of relevant information is simplified by 'Organizer'.

Consult history on the customer side

To get an overall picture of the customer's reality, all it takes is a few clicks from the relevant perspectives

  • history of orders
  • history of interventions
  • photos
  • documents and reports
  • Third-party contractor relations
    • recognize third-party contracts
  • understand existing subscription contracts

Manage order quotes

Managing quotations over time is a challenging task that is only successful if the context of the quotation is clearly visible. This is exactly the case in 'Organizer'.

History and customer context

Offers can be ignored by customers for long periods of time. Organisatrice' helps to maintain commercial sovereignty with the offer history so that the provider can keep calm and correctly assess the context.

Create and manage subscription offers

Drawing up subscription contracts is often an intensive challenge that takes a lot of time.

Record service catalog

Recording and evaluating recurring service items requires a realistic information base

  • photos
  • technical schemas
  • technical documentations

Recognize versioning

The customer often demands adjustments to the offer, which have to be implemented over time.