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Organizational systemOrganizational system

'Organisatrice' plays the memory in your company. Wherever you are, - the scheduling, the rapport, the orders or the subscriptions with the instructions for use can be found in this digital assistance. Because everything is always organized and in the right place, you don't have to search for long. This not only simplifies the administrative task of the individual employee, but also unimaginably relieves your entire administration.
Interactively connected

From an administrative point of view, 'Organisatrice' regulates your business dynamics very closely to reality. Typically, 'Organisatrice' is used in the dynamic day-to-day business of trade and technical customer service. 'Organisatrice' is suitable for small independent companies as well as for complex dynamic business environments in trade and industry. With 'Organisatrice', your administration gains a new quality and a lot of time thanks to interactive collaboration.

Interactive collaborationInteractive collaboration

'Organizatrice' enables efficient collaboration within your company. Each employee contributes from his or her own perspective to making the puzzle appear in the overall picture on a daily basis.

Executing collaborators

The technical collaborator uses 'Organisatrice' as an assistant for scheduling and reporting the work to be carried out.
Technical execution
  • Scheduling
  • Work reports
  • Hourly reports

Coordinating staff

The project manager or dispatcher uses 'Organizatrice' as an omnipotent management tool to control all responsibilities and work.


  • Dates, overview, coordination
  • Creation of offers
  • Subscription planning

Project management

  • Installation
    • planning
    • coordination


'Organizatrice' is used by the back office as a universal consultation platform for obtaining operational information.
Information source for administration
  • Invoicing
    • technical context
    • extended order context
  • human resources
    • time report
    • absences
  • acquisition
    • Customer-centered overview of activities

Coherent workflowsCoherent workflows

The internal workflow from acquisition to technical execution and commercial controlling back to acquisition is sustainably structured.

Administrative 'disentanglement'Administrative 'disentanglement'

'Organizatrice' enables administrative unbundling within your company. This gives your employees back their natural freedom of action and frees up time and resources.

Operational execution

The organization and coordination of the technical execution is managed in 'Organisatrice' with the greatest possible transparency, but very independently.
  • manage orders and quotations
  • Scheduling
  • Responsibilities
  • Work assignments
  • Order coordination
  • Order reports
  • Hourly reports


The existing administration uses 'Organisatrice' as an updated source of information for operational workflows.
  • order reports
  • order history
HR administration
  • hours
  • absences