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Interactive organizational system

Interactive organizational system

'Organisatrice' plays the memory in your company. Wherever you are, - the scheduling, the rapport, the orders or the subscriptions with the instructions for use can be found in this digital assistance. Because everything is always organized and in the right place, you don't have to search for long. This not only simplifies the administrative task of the individual employee, but also unimaginably relieves your entire administration.
Interactive collaboration

Your operational dynamics are administratively regulated by 'Organizatrice' in a very realistic way. Typical constellations of such 'information logistics' can be found, for example, in crafts and technical maintenance. Organisatrice' is suitable for very small companies as well as for complex company structures. Your administration gains a new interactive collaboration and a lot of time with 'Organisatrice'.

With this comprehensive organizational system in the background, your entrepreneurial reality is assisted in a very compact and sustainable way, both in terms of execution and administration.

This organizational structure brings more stability to your business in the long term and paves the way for your economic success.

Function of 'Organisatrice'

'Organisatrice' effectively intercepts the information overload of 'service delivery'. In this highly structured corporate memory, your operational information simply finds the right place from the start and can be easily and quickly consulted even in the distant future.
Assistance of operational business processes
  • Provision of information for the executing workers
    • order and deployment directives
    • customer information
    • building information
  • Information Reference for the Quotation System
    • quotation-context
    • order dynamics
Administrative consultation platform
  • Invoicing context
    • technical context
    • customer dynamics
  • Human Resources
    • timesheet
    • absences

Tasks of 'Organisatrice'

On the one hand, 'Organisatrice' assists you in capturing your information in a targeted way. On the other hand, it presents each piece of information in an understandable context. The user-friendliness is ensured by a very intelligent navigation. Therefore, you never lose your orientation and experience a high user comfort with every click.

The operational information is captured interactively. 'Organisatrice' then always presents these information flows in context so that they are easy to understand.

  • orderer
  • places of execution
  • Iinternal resources
  • collaborator
  • timesheet
  • supplier
  • subcontractor
Typical operating modules

Goal of Organisatrice

'Organisatrice' enables administrative unbundling within your company. This gives your employees back their natural room for maneuver and frees up time and resources.
Dual administration
  • 'service delivery'
    • relies on operational information and regulates information logistics in the field of technical execution
  • 'service reimbursement'
    • manages the commercially relevant information. These administrative segments focus on monetary information flows.

Effects by 'Organisatrice'

'Organisatrice' brings all actors in the company closer together again from an administrative point of view. Not only executive employees benefit directly from the wealth of information in everyday life. All employees gain the overview that corresponds to their role.

The software presents the information as a 'completed' puzzle. People regain an overview and can refocus their attention.

Complementary actors of your company in accounting, at the reception, in human resources or in project management get a structured regulated access to this information pool. Thanks to 'Organisatrice', administrative cooperation takes place in a permanently constructive framework.

Intelligent structuring

Intelligent structuring of your information reflects to you very meaningful pictures of current business operations. This transparency of reality brings more clarity to the operation.

Regulated responsibilities

Through the holistic transparency, responsibilities are clearly perceived by all parties. This leads to a more consistent behavior of the employees.

Updated archive

Information remains structured and permanently in the memory of the company and provides you with a perfect archive.

Impact by 'Organisatrice'

Your operational administration will be much leaner and above all sustainable. Your offers will be more consistent because you will have a broader knowledge base and you will be able to invoice more consistently.

'Organisatrice' has a lasting effect on the execution and administrative processes. In 'Organisatrice' you will experience a very realistic representation of your company. This fact will also help you to have a more targeted impact where it is really worth forcing changes.

Reduce administrative overhead

Information is not 'dispersed', but always appears in the larger operational context. This means that you always perceive the 'whole'.

Consistent invoicing

It is easy to consult the long-term context of an order in the customer perspective, which increases the quality of invoices. Likewise, it becomes very unlikely that services fall through the cracks and are not billed. This is because order history and order monitoring increase discipline for billing.

Sustainable customer relationship

With meaningful analytics and strict history, a customer can always be assessed well and in a timely manner. This helps you in maintaining the relationship.

Sustainable support

Growing over time, 'Organisatrice' steadily and unobtrusively develops into a robust backbone that reliably accompanies your business into the future.

To make the daily life of a hands-on collaborator a little less hectic, there may be one important directive left at the end.

Information replaces communication

In times when text and images are communicated graphically, it makes sense to replace time-consuming communication with highly structured information flows. We go in this direction and help you to regain valuable time.