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Köppel infoServicing 

'Organisatrice' takes care directly and comprehensively of the operational organization in the practical 'service provision'. With structured communication and compact information, the employee is effectively assisted without burdening the ancestral administration of the 'service remuneration'. With this approach, 'Köppel infoServicing' has created a product that is unique on the market. We help small and medium-sized companies to achieve an efficient business organization and save them unnecessary administration.

Köppel infoServicing

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The reality of the executive collaborator

The practical reality of the executing employee is at the center of this software development. They are the last link in the execution chain and the closest to the customer.

The practical reality as motivation

Over the many years of practical experience in craft and in technical maintenance, the understanding for the complex reality in the executing trade has grown. Information logistics is not primarily an administrative problem, but an operational challenge. Every employee involved needs operational information on a daily basis in order to be able to perform their tasks professionally.

The 'history of development'

'Organisatrice' has only succeeded as an independent product because the prototypes were given their decisive polish in polyvalent companies with corresponding entrepreneurial personalities at the very beginning of development.

The road to the productive prototype (2013 - 2014)

From the beginning 'Organisatrice' was designed as a standard software. At that time, 'Köppel infoServicing' set itself the goal of developing a sustainable IT solution. The software has been running in a productive environment since 2015 and has since been adapted several times to the demanding realities of everyday business life. 'Organisatrice' succeeds in presenting the complexity of reality in such a clear way that everyone can understand it intuitively. This enables the respective employee to fulfill his tasks independently and reliably again.

The first use in productive environment (2015)

'Organisatrice' was exposed to the dynamic reality of everyday business for the first time in 2015. In this very dynamic business, the maintenance service was built and structured. 'Organisatrice' has helped in the background to consolidate the new realities. This first hard testing phase has essentially confirmed the concept of the product and put its further development on the right track.

The refinement of the standard software (2016 - 2020)

In order to constantly increase user comfort, the application has been gradually simplified for the user thanks to intelligent navigation and clear perspectives. The practical tool makes you almost forget the term 'administration'. Organisatrice' constantly reduces complexity and becomes clearer and easier to use. In the meantime the product 'Organisatrice' has been completed again in two essential points. On the one hand it now has an intelligent scheduling, - on the other hand it scales graphically even on the smartphone (= responsive design).

New location in German-speaking Switzerland (2021)

The company headquarters was moved to Solothurn in German-speaking Switzerland for the coming chapters. 'Organisatrice' has meanwhile achieved its targeted performance at its core. As the only independent provider in this performance class, we are ready for the challenges ahead. We will also be able to increasingly link our consolidated services to complementary solutions in the near future.

A cornerstone in the growing digital ecosystem (2022) 

'Organisatrice' has deliberately put the focus on the practical execution of the work. We help especially small businesses to run their own information base that is robust in the long run. 'Organisatrice' continues to consistently take care of information logistics in 'service delivery' and will probably remain the only provider in this service class for some time to come. Intelligent navigation is the key to the unique user-friendliness of our product.

Technical consolidation (2023)

The technical strategy and concept of 'Organisatrice' has proven its worth. The compactness of this organization system remains unrivalled to this day. To ensure that you can experience this application just as stable and simple in everyday life in the distant future, all technical components have been brought up to date and the entire layout and appearance in particular have been modernized.

Open-Source Standards

It's not just the commercial flagships that bring stability to the world of software. The supporting software projects of this era are long-term independent open source communities (Php, Debian, Linux, etc.). In the background countless software developers work, whose daily work is characterized not only by much talent, but also by conviction and passion. These people are the guarantors of sustainability and stability in this highly dynamic technology. 

Good things take time ...

The development history of 'Organisatrice' has significantly shaped the rhythm of our company history. The user-friendliness of the end product is the result of targeted revisions and optimizations.

Sustainability in software

'Organisatrice' is a software that manages long periods of time and consequently must also guarantee stability over long time horizons. The countless developers of the open source projects are the guarantors of those technical standards that allow us to maintain our software in the long term, and to guarantee usual security and quality. Only a software product that respects common standards can survive for decades.