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'Organisatrice' optimises the use of your human resources. The operational personnel expenditure is optimised and much unnecessary administrative work is saved. With a small part of these savings, the tariffs of 'Organisatrice' are paid for by the company and the tariffs of 'Organisatrice' are progressive. The larger and more complex your company structure, the more performance and optimisation potential lies in the use of 'Organisatrice'.

Organisatrice is a 'SaaS' service (Software as a Service), - a 'time tariff' so ... similar to that of wage costs.

Experience has shown that the administrative complexity increases dramatically when critical operating parameters are reached. The tariffs reflect to a certain extent these characteristic sizes of companies.

This categorisation is very general. Of course, it can also degenerate untypically depending on the industry and environment.

For detailed tariff information please contact us. We will be happy to explain our rates to you based on your current and long-term needs. We pursue a long-term stable tariff policy. Only customers who can really calculate, do understand our product and its commercial potential.

'One-man' Enterprise
  • the entrepreneur himself is actively involved in the execution
  • sporadic deployment of additional staff
  • accounting is assisted by third parties
  • establishment of a new small company (start-up), whose administration is not yet structured
  • company without expansion ambitions
Smaller companies
  • integrative management by leaders
  • project manager, managing director
  • typically up to 10 employees
    • administrative assistance
    • accounting
    • invoicing
    • secretariat
Companies with delimited operating segments 
  • operating segments defined by personnel
    • production, assembly, maintenance, etc.
  • complementary management segments
    • acquisition, disposition, human resources, accounting, etc

Special tariff for 'individual entrepreneurs'

This 'individual company structure' needs a robust administrative structure despite (or because of) limited staffing. The task of this structure is to relieve the managing director himself of administrative work and to keep his head permanently free.

'Individual entrepreneurs' naturally have little potential for saving on wage costs. Rather, they invest in administrative assistance to reduce their personal workload and increase their own administrative quality. By relieving the burden of work, the entrepreneurial personality gains more quality of life.

This tariff is designed in such a way that the entrepreneur can afford a long-term and robust administrative structure at a reasonable price, while still benefiting as a managing director from all the functionality that makes everyday business life easier.
  • do not have any administrative burdens, but in return need an initial robust administration structure
  • thanks to a robust administrative basis, the company can continue to grow without limits if successful
Individual entrepreneur
  • do administration personally
    • billing
    • write offers
    • perform work personally
  • sporadic employees
    • holiday replacement

Tariffs for 'Enterprise - Structures'

Is it financially worthwhile to introduce an operational management programme ?

The tariff structure has been kept so simple that the entrepreneur receives the flat-rate range of services with the basic tariff.

Example 'basic rate'
  • If the program is used for an individual employee, this is less than 10% of the wage costs of an 'executive' employee.
  • If the program is fully utilized, the costs are distributed to less than 1% of the wage costs of an 'executive' employee.
Basic rate up to 10 collaborators
The hourly reports can only be called up for 10 'executive employees'. The rate remains the same whether you include 2 or 10 'executive employees'. The basic functions are accessible to all users.
Microentrepreneur with few employees 
  • With this basic tariff, the microentrepreneur is fully served.
Dynamic departments
  • For example, a large assembly company can easily run its dynamic service department with 'Organisatrice', which consists of less than 10 employees.
  • Any number of 'administrative' employees can be granted access to the application. (project manager, information, etc.)
Tariff for 10 or more employees
A company with more than 10 'executive employees' is administratively in a more complex business dynamic.
Companies with departments
  • Installation, service, administration
  • the larger the company, the more important the issue of responsibilities becomes
Company with branch offices
  • The service department is typically managed centrally here.

Optional additional module

In the case of pronounced business dynamics with third parties such as suppliers, subcontractors or service providers, this additional module is useful because additional filters make the controlling of third parties much easier.

Powerful perspectives give you insight into the depth of time.

  • this facilitates the long-term evaluation of business partners for you
  • they get a meaningful overview of the operational performance of a third-party contractor
Tariff for contractor-module
You only need this module if you work closely together with contractors and this 'external controlling' is to be very extensive.
Complementary rate modules
  • the third party management opens powerful insights for companies where a lot of third party services are integrated into the business processes