... easy interactive administration

Client perspective

A client named 'Millers Limited' ...

For example, orders and work assignments

With few clicks ...
  • type a few letters into the search mask ... and the client 'Müller' presents itself in all its diversity
    • your secretary also gets an idea of the calling client within a few seconds ...
  • you will find those collaborators who know an installation or have worked in the building in the corresponding year ...
  • in no time you will find
    • instruction manuals
    • offer documents,
    • subscription agreements
    • work reports
  • photos give you associations and lead you with a single click into the corresponding order context
  • print out the orders compactly and clearly listed on a pdf


As a dispatcher
  • keep the long-term commercial overview in the order and quotation list
  • You can statistically evaluate the client quantitatively and qualitatively over the years.
As service technician
  • you are a competent partner in direct client contact because you can advise the client realistically
  • thanks to the history and possible photo documentations you can anticipate and communicate your problems in long-term maintenance across all orders
As a secretary
  • forward urgent calls and questions directly to the affected technicians and workers, because you have informed yourself about activities and responsibilities within seconds in 'Organisatrice'
As project manager
  • The client specific history of assignments and offers serves as a basis for more targeted acquisition activities.
As a responsible
  • the insight into 'Organisatrice' makes it easier for you to manage invoicing more coherently in the long term
  • competently support the client's controlling in case of need