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With 'Organisatrice' we enable you to efficiently manage your services execution. On the one hand, it assists your execution reality very powerfully, on the other hand, at the same time, it gives your established administration an invaluable information backstop. Your organizational structure is strengthened in a long-term and robust manner.

The organizational framework of 'Organisatrice' brings more flexibility to your business. The clear structuring makes more interactivity possible. Several actors in your business work administratively on the same topic without hindering each other or having to wait for the other.

The organizational framework is also tailored to your business operations. Your operational dynamics are realistically mapped.

You retain your proven operating patterns.

Information framework

'Organisatrice' provides you, to a certain extent, with the logical scaffolding so that you can build your information building to match your operational functionalities.

In this framework, new information images are formed every day, typically representing your business activity.

Information flows

The information flows are embedded in the operational structure in the most targeted way possible, so that in the end a coherent image of your business process is created

  • comments
  • hourly reports
  • work reports
  • files, pdf, photos

Administrativer Standard

Ein langfristiger Betriebs-Standard bringt Ruhe und Stabilität in ein Unternehmen. Jeder versteht, wie die Dinge funktionieren und alles hat mehr oder weniger seinen Platz.

Dabei ist es entscheidend, dass sich die technische Realität der Ausführung und die administrativen Methoden nicht behindern, sondern sich sinnvoll ergänzen. Eine sinnvolle Administration dient der Ausführung und erleichtert den organisatorischen Alltag des ausführenden Mitarbeiters.


Thanks to administrative unbundling, unnecessary dependencies are avoided. The interactive administrative process thus takes on a natural flow, where the information ultimately complements each other to form an overall picture.


Transparency is the most effective and least expensive way to exercise control. This also promotes understanding of the work performance of his work colleagues.


In the overview, errors are usually immediately apparent and are already put into perspective by the higher-level context.


Finally, the history rounds off the whole company story.