... easy interactive administration


By default, 'Organisatrice' offers you a fully integrated agenda that lives up to its name. You create an entry in the agenda with a drag'n'drop, - without having to enter text. Via this entry you can read out the complete order context within one click. Here you will find the 'who-who-how-what' ... within a fraction of a second.

'Organisatrice' provides you with structural planning layers in the background that give you the respective job context. Thereby you 'drag' an appointment directly into the agenda and give it a precise time frame.

Any kind of assignment is thus quickly fixed in the graphical agenda with a targeted 'drag'n'drop'.

This allows you to balance the high reactivity of unforeseen events with long-term structured assignments, such as the annually planned maintenance work.

Organize the schedule
  • long-term structured scheduling in the background
    • spontaneous action
    • annual maintenance work
    • internal administrative time blocks
    • repetitive assembly blocks
    • planned absences
  • selective planning levels, where you have created a fully correlated entry within a 'drag'n'drop' ...
    • without text input
    • with full order context
  • simple user interface
  • full flexibility
  • drag'n'drop
  • structured assignments in the respective order context
  • spontaneous entries
Order context
  • linked order context
    • one click
  • scroll back the agenda